the art of automatic drawing

I am going to be leading a workshop next month on the art of automatic drawing/painting. Automatic drawing first emerged in the late 19th/early 20th century through the works of the cubists and surrealists as a means of exploring the workings of the inner mind and soul. It’s strategy was the creation or manifestation of form and ideas without ever lifting the medium from the surface (pencil, crayon, ink, paint, etc.) Much like 3-d paintings are used to train the eyes to see inside of the patterns, automatic drawing became a very powerful tool for allowing form and shape to emerge without forcing the subject to consciously attempt to conform to any one methodology. With the advent of computers for use in art and specifically design, it became easier to find software to assist in manipulation of imagery much like what is done during automatic drawing. This became known largely as computer or digital art.

Vorteces, Digital art, 2008
Digital art,