Drawing what we see

I set up a small studio space in the new house with a shelf for old and current notebooks. In the process, I found sketches that never made it past the idea phase. I’ve never really explained the inspiration behind my illustrations. This is an appropriate time for me to do so.

An old adage advises writers to write what they know. In a similar vein it would be understandable to say that artists draw what we see. Much of my work comes out of the dreaming mind and past life explorations. For me, art is very much an expression and extension of spirituality. Going through paintings, I brought some to the new house that I remember my father painting when I was a child. It was very much a similar pursuit for him as well. He painted Native American portraits and landscapes of the American west. It wasn’t until he passed that I learned about the portraits. All I ever saw of his work growing up were landscapes.  My work tends towards illustrating actions and emotional connections between people. I have a deep fascination for eschatology and the role of death across cultures, so it is no surprise that they are influences in my illustrations.

The idea of how we see our world is very much a philosophical question and often flows into the realm of art. We are always shaping and changing the ways in which we perceive our world or worlds. A common interpretation of what it means to be an artist is to conceive and create new worlds. And yet, from a slightly different perspective there are so many worlds we have yet to rediscover.  Exploration lies at the crossroads of art and spirituality.


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