Some thoughts on technique and form

I have mentioned before that I am a mostly self-taught artist. But I also attended classes and did coursework in drawing and basic design. Much of my coursework was not only about studying technique or its history, but also about exploring variations of perspective and experimenting with a variety of techniques. For example, my father was a painter. His primary medium was oil paints. A good friend of mine who also paints, does so with acrylics. My primary medium is with pencils. But one thing I learned from my coursework was that I had a particularly strong skill with german expressionism, or so one of my professors used to say.

In the classroom, studying classical styles make sense. I look around at a lot of different works of art for inspiration and to see what kinds of work others are producing. I see a lot of people who strive to portray everyday life in an almost classical sense. I’m reminded by my studies that the classical artists relied upon still lives of everything in their world. And that is a path that I once walked, but it was not where my skills lie. But also, a lot of artists across time perceive things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They perceive concepts and imagery from within the mind. Things that are at best subjective. The way that I draw, I have been told, is a very unique style; like nothing my audience has seen before. I’m not trying to portray what everyone else sees – instead, what I can see. It is truly a combination of japanime and fantasy art.


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